A precious book, one of those printed to tell the stories that look like dreams. This is the book that you browse to get lost in the magic of black and white.
The book was edited by Federico Valeriani, with the A.S.C.A. (Associazione Storico Culturale Automobilistica), and in 30 years has collected thousands of artifacts that told the story of this race from first to last year.

In this talk the documents:

  • Thousands of new images and illustrations for advertising (also signed by international artists such as Vittorio Grassi e Marcello Dudovich).
  • Press reports of the most famous sportswriters of major Italian and international newspapers, which each year follows the course of events on the "Coppa Acerbo".
  • Direct testimonials, in the preface, of those races who have experienced firsthand,as Enzo Ferrari always remember this race like the one that launched him on the street of engines.
The book was launched April 3, 2007 at the Museum Vittoria Colonna of Pescara.


Title: Coppa Acerbo ®
Circuito internazionale degli Abruzzi

Author: Federico Valeriani

Released: 2007

Other characteristics: No. 1.000 numbered copies,
with SIAE stamp and signed by the author.

Size: cm 24x33

Languages: Italian + articles in English and German

N° pages: 480 (paper 150gr.)

Cover: Hardcover like canvas

Casket: Hardcover