The "Coppa Acerbo" is one of the oldest and most prestigious racing circuits in the world. On that circuit were running drivers entered in the myth.
The 1st winner, in 1924, it was Ferrari Enzo on Alfa Romeo, and since then other exciting editions, and the world's attention to a race, with twenty years in advance of the Formula 1, had unleashed the passion of millions of people and tells the story of extraordinary heroes of the four wheels as Varzi, Nuvolari, Campari, Rosemayer, Fangio and many others.
The last edition was run in 1961 and ironically was to win a Ferrari, driven by the pair Lorenzo Bandini and Giorgio Scarlatti. The "Coppa Acerbo" was a perfect testing ground for the Italian car industry, because its circuit was one of the first examples of perfect organization, a white trail where drivers compete against each other a high speed, and on a number of difficult curves, become legend.